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Exposing The Elephant


  • EP.105 | Justin LoFranco – The Morning Chalk Up

    September 20, 2018  /  Feed Me Fuel Me

     Justin LoFranco has a beautiful mind when it comes to community relations. If his career on the campaign trail in a previous life is any indication, some would say he’s a master. However, as many before him discover, the world of politics is cut throat, and your job security is tied to the opinion […]

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  • EP.104 | Shane Farmer – Be The Dark Horse

    September 13, 2018  /  Feed Me Fuel Me

     The world works in mysterious ways. Sometimes the things that we perceive to be weaknesses are indeed our greatest strengths. For our guest this week, Shane Farmer, founder of Dark Horse Rowing, this is indeed the case. Through rowing, Shane discovered the Camaraderie that is a natural byproduct of shared adversity. The ideal that […]

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  • EP.103 | Angelo Sisco – The Alpha Hippie

    September 6, 2018  /  Feed Me Fuel Me

     This week on Feed Me Fuel Me, we redefine masculinity with The Alpha Hippie, Angelo Sisco. Angelo is a celebrated business coach, and owner of O’Hare CrossFit in Chicago. Angelo had it rough growing up, in home raised by his mother after his father went to prison. Angelo grew up in a neighborhood, where […]

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  • EP.102 | Dr. Cara Miller – The Space Between

    August 30, 2018  /  Feed Me Fuel Me

     Dr. Cara Miller, MDiv, PhD is a developmental psychologist and performance coach. This week we dive deep into the psychology of the space between where you are, and where you actually want to be. Dr. Miller goes for it in this episode, taking Mycal Anders through an exercise that exposes a very deep subconscious […]

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  • EP.101 | Logan Gelbrich – Hold The Standard

    August 23, 2018  /  Feed Me Fuel Me

     What does it mean to be an adaptive leader? Logan Gelbrich didn’t open a gym. He opened a school – Deuce Gym. He doesn’t have coaches. He has teachers. At his school, they don’t simply coach classes. They teach a curriculum. From very humble beginnings, Logan has built a foundation on which his goals will […]

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  • EP.100 | Mike Burgener – Always Faithful

    August 16, 2018  /  Feed Me Fuel Me

     If someone asked you what your crowning achievement is in your life, what would your answer be? For Coach Mike Burgener, the answer is simple: his kids! When you get through listening to our conversation with the man who has seen it all, and done it all in his life, it will make so […]

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