• Rob Worley

    EP.139 | Rob Worley – Wellness Infused

    May 16, 2019  /  Feed Me Fuel Me


    What do you do when you are resigned to live the rest of your life in pain? To make things worse, the meds you’ve been prescribed have lead others in your circle to lives of addiction and drug seeking behavior? That’s where Rob’s life was headed before he decided to change his path. The result […]

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  • Justin Maxim

    EP.138 | Justin Maxim – It’s All About The Journey

    May 9, 2019  /  Feed Me Fuel Me


     This week, we ride the ride with Justin Maxim (@justin__maxim), our videographer, founder of JMAX Media (@jmaxmediallc) and partner in VaporSwift Media (@vaporswift_media). A low-key clairvoyant, Justin has consciously and unconsciously followed his intuition from driving a mail truck in the cold winters of Akron, OH to the arid heat of Scottsdale, AZ. Justin […]

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  • Jeff and Derz

    EP.137 | Jeff & Derz – Ego is Hard Work

    May 2, 2019  /  Feed Me Fuel Me


     How much of the adversity we experience is of our own doing? Why do we have such a hard time accepting the advice of mentors as gospel? Speaking of advice; not all guidance is created equal. It is true that many of the people of influence in our lives give advice from a place […]

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