• Brandon Pride

    EP.122 | Brandon Pride – The Language Of Business: EVERY ENTREPRENEUR NEEDS TO HEAR THIS ONE

    January 17, 2019  /  Feed Me Fuel Me


    Brandon Pride is the founder of Small Business 101 (brandonpride.com). In our conversation this week, we learn about Brandon’s brushes with death that resulted from bad decisions which would ultimately leave him broke without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Yet throughout his journey, Brandon has created the […]

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  • Darwin Crawford

    EP.121 | Darwin Crawford – Sticks, Bricks, Pipes, & Wires: The Game of Real Estate & Why I Play It

    January 10, 2019  /  Feed Me Fuel Me


    This week we rap with former urban lumberjack, Darwin Crawford (@darwin_crawford) shares a harrowing tale of living life in survival mode as the downfall of the recession imploded his once thriving commercial lumber business. From the sticks of Mississippi, Darwin threw all his chips in a handful of entrepreneurial endeavors in the concrete jungle of […]

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  • EP.120 | Cynthia Sassi – Fabulous Arizona

    January 3, 2019  /  Feed Me Fuel Me


    As an entrepreneur, there is an unspoken rule that you do you have to do until you can simply do what you want to do. Sometimes that means putting rent on a credit card. Sometimes that means trying to convince your boss to trust you to bring them out of the Stone Age of print […]

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