November 24, 2017  /  Feed Me Fuel Me

“The power of love and caring can change the world” – James Autry

Feed Me Fuel Me (@feedmefuelme) episode 075 with Alyssa Ione – Lead With Love

Every interaction we have as human beings is an exchange of energy. Positive or negative, we are all expelling energy into the universe. Alyssa Ione (@miss_alyssa_ione), founder of MyOwn Bodyworks (@myownbodyworks), chooses to lead with love and be a positive force in her universe. She makes a conscious effort to make that energetic connection with her friends, family, and clients with each and every passing by. As a practitioner that found her calling for manual therapy through the help of another healer, Alyssa has retrospectively connected the serendipitous dots that have lead her to her platform. 2017 has been the year of Alyssa as she ditched the conventional and cashed in all her chips to bet on herself. Shortly after taking the leap to be a solo practitioner, her philosophy of putting good into the world without expectation of reciprocity has lead to an abundance of fruitful opportunities. Her mindset of abundance and love, sharing and exposing people to the light within only enhances the healing that takes place when she puts her hands on you. She is gifted, without a doubt, in the ways of the human body. However, she is discovering an even more powerful gift, and that is the gift ENERGY. Follow Alyssa as she discovers her inherent powers and learns to exploit them for the betterment of her practice, her clients’ experience on her table, and the world she brightens each day.

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