December 1, 2017  /  Feed Me Fuel Me

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself” – Marc Accetta

Feed Me Fuel Me (@feedmefuelme) episode 076 with Marc Accetta – Pay Attention. Get Excited. Never Quit.

How often do we fall victim to our own negative self-talk? This week’s guest, Marc Accetta (@marcaccettatraining), founder of Marc Accetta Seminars talks about removing the “dream stealers” from you life: those haters and naysayers that all too often can be disguised as friends and family trying to “protect” you. Worst yet, what if that dream stealer is you? What if you are the one talking yourself out of your own greatness. Marc talks about the value of mentorship in combatting your dream stealers, overcoming your own negative self talk, and realizing your true potential. Marc’s model for success is quite simple: find someone who has what you want, and duplicate what they’ve done to get it. He lives by the mantra, “Pay Attention. Get Excited. Never Quit.” Marc wasn’t born a walking inspiration. No, actually quite the opposite. He grew up with the expectation of average, and at the age of 27 he found himself going through the motions with no direction. Enter, Marc’s mentor. He showed him that it is ok to expect more of yourself, and those around you. Marc realized that there was more in life, and the was not only able to accomplish more, he was deserving of more. Marc has since dedicated his life to showing people the lessons he’s learned and proving time and time again that there is indeed a better life to live. Marc has indeed come a long way, and as you will hear him tell it, has quite a ways to go. Hop on the train and join us as we learn from Marc’s journey this week on the Feed Me Fuel Me Podcast!

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