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As an entrepreneur, there is an unspoken rule that you do you have to do until you can simply do what you want to do. Sometimes that means putting rent on a credit card. Sometimes that means trying to convince your boss to trust you to bring them out of the Stone Age of print media into the present online. Sometimes it means making up your job description by saying yes to every task thrown your way because your skill set can’t be put any one box. Sometimes it means doing a lot of shit for free!

That is just part of Cynthia Sassi’s (@cynthiasassi) journey. She took a chance internship as a requirement to complete her degree and that lead her down a path of networking and creation, and ultimately the launch of Fabulous Arizona (@fabulousarizona), an online lifestyle publication highlighting the best the Grand Canyon State has to offer. Cynthia saw the way ahead, long before her previous employers. So much so, that after meeting enough resistance to change, she decided to do it on her own, her way.

She showed up. Often times to 4-5 events in single evening. Promoting her company and brand. Unknown to anyone on the red carpet in the beginning. Not sure if it was ever going to really work out. However, she experienced just enough success for her rationalize in her mind the continuation of what seemed to be a passion project. Now those same red carpet events she used to hustle and smile her way into, make sure they are on the list of places to be in FabAZ. In her words, “If you want to be an entrepreneur, you better really passionate. Because there will be some tough days.” And in Cynthia’s case, long nights!

Listen to Cynthia’s journey of persistence in creating something she believed in when everyone in her life was telling her to give it up and get a real job!

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