February 7, 2019  /  Feed Me Fuel Me

What do you do when you find yourself upgrading from prescription painkillers to heroin? You join the Army. At least that’s what our guest this week did. Nothing says cold turkey like Uncle Sam!

Nathan Kohlerman (@nathankohlerman) founder of Neuintention Health & Wellness (@neuintention_health_wellness) has made his well-being a proactive effort. From utilizing service and the consequences of the military to kick the habit, to the rigors of rehabilitation after an injury lead to his medical discharge, Nathan has had quite the personal journey.

Now it is his mission in life to help people appreciate the grace required to truly move well. He has taken everything he’s learned and experienced as a soldier, an athlete, and through rehab to create programs that help his clients embrace conscious movement until moving with intention is so natural it’s almost subconscious.

Join us this week as we explore Nathan’s journey from addiction to wellness together. We appreciate you empowering your journey with this week’s episode of Feed Me Fuel Me (@feedmefuelme).

– Jeff (@iamjeffthornton) and Mycal (@coachderz)

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