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What do you think when you hear the word “ALPHA”? What does it mean to be masculine? Can feminine be truly defined?

As we dive in with Kevin Donahue (@donahuekm), founder of Surf & Serve (@surf_and_serve) and serial entrepreneur, he has found his gift in people. His mission is to serve. As he quoted Dan Sullivan, creator of Strategic Coach (, “people are helium distributors, and others in the world are balloons. The more helium we put into each other’s balloons, the higher we all go.” This is the thesis of Kevin’s abundance mentality!

Within that conversation of abundance, Kevin is putting the false narrative surrounding masculinity and femininity on blast. His initiative is to enforce what it means to be a strong man alongside a strong woman, and vice versa. The western world has confused what it is to truly support one another and acknowledge what roles we play within our relationship constructs. We are not playing the game of opposition, rather one of synergy. Much like the yin and yang, men and women were not put on this earth to be better than the other but to compliment each other to become greater together than they could become as individuals.

Join us this week as we unpack Pandora’s Box with Kevin on what it is to really be a man in modern western society!

– Jeff (@iamjeffthornton) and Mycal (@coachderz)

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Dropping in on 2019 like a boss. Surfing is all about taking the risk of paddling out, waiting patiently for a set to come in, enjoying the beauty of the scenery while waiting, then…when the time is right… charging hard to catch the wave you want to ride. Then paddling back out to do it all over again. No smart phone, no WiFi, just you, nature, your abilities, your willingness to learn and adjust and enjoy the waves as they come. Looking forward to the challenging waves of 2019 and grateful for the waves and rip tides and fun rides and wipeouts of 2018. And grateful I got to close out 2018 in the blue warm water waves of Southern Costa Rica! Grateful for all of the friends and family and mentors and lessons and grateful that life always has a way of working. Pura vida y feliz año Nuevo. #surf #waves #happynewyear #puravida #costarica #likeaboss #motivation #surfandserve #grateful #liveyourdream #nevergiveup #power #nye #2018 #2019 #sayyes #keepgoing #dominical #surfing #beach #ocean #centralamerica #nature #entrepreneur #lifestyleentrepreneur

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