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It is rare that we get to see the manifestation of a mindset based in scarcity and that of abundance simultaneously. In the case of Jason Archer, founder of HardWodder (@hardwodder), he got to experience both firsthand. He was raised, on the other side of the tracks in a family that never really had much. He also had an uncle, whom he would later work for, that had everything your heart desires.

He has taken the scrappy work ethic and resourcefulness acquired by being one of society’s “Have Nots”, and combined it with the anything-is-possible mentality often found throughout society’s “Haves”.

He began HardWodder with the intent of selling a few t-shirts here and there. However, as time went on, and life would play out, he embraced a bigger vision. It isn’t simply about clothes. It isn’t just about fitness. It isn’t all about business. No, what it is about is getting out of your own way and embracing life’s challenges head-on in pursuit of the quality of life we want and deserve.

Jason’s vision is summed up in the HardWodder Mission Statement: “To Arm Humans With The Tools to Crush Mediocrity, Create Mastery, & Live in Total Wellness”

Sidenote, Jason has amassed one the most extensive comic book collections we’ve ever seen. So join us as we go deep in abundance and superheroes with Jason on this week’s episode of Feed Me Fuel Me (@feedmefuelme)!!

– Jeff (@iamjeffthornton) and Mycal (@coachderz)

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“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” – Carl Jung. True Wealth. I started learning about #money and wealth in the early 2000's… I picked up #RichDadPoorDad and I was hooked. It was like Kiyosaki was speaking directly to me. I had never seen the possibility of wealth prior to that. I though wealth was the result of bloodlines or #luck. But really, acquiring #assets was a learned #skill I didn't know… I had learned nothing about it in school and in college. So for years I have read and studied money, built small businesses, and invested in the markets or any other #opportunity I could to build wealth. Working crazy hours, sleeping little, #sacrificing time doing "fun things" was part of it, I told myself. And that's truer than you can ever know unless you've been there. But, I learned there is more than one way. #Suffering is optional. As I sat across from Cristina last night at our anniversary dinner, the importance of enjoying the #journey became evident. That doesn't mean each day is filled with pleasure, it means that each day is filled with my best efforts to experience more #life. More #joy. I no longer seek just the #result. I want to enjoy #creating it. And, relationships are the perfect incubator for this way of thinking… all of them: Business. Marriage. Friendships. The best ones are never about arrival, but about #becoming and creating over time. Imagine what happens to a marriage when the couple emphasizes the #wedding, but not the years they will spend in each other's company. Saying your "I do's" then invested no time in building deep #connection, intimacy, or enjoyment = suffering and emptiness. The wedding itself is just an event. One people invest thousands of dollars and incredible energy to have… but, many times the day to day #purpose of the union is a fucking afterthought. The real wealth of a relationship, or any valuable thing, is in its ability to #teach you the joy of becoming and living in connection and purpose. What is your measure of wealth? Share below. . Sight + Light. J . Remember: there is #norestfortheworthy

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