May 16, 2019  /  Feed Me Fuel Me

What do you do when you are resigned to live the rest of your life in pain? To make things worse, the meds you’ve been prescribed have lead others in your circle to lives of addiction and drug seeking behavior?

That’s where Rob’s life was headed before he decided to change his path. The result of that change is New Life Juice & Wellness (@newlifejuiceandwellness). After he was electrocuted from the top of a 14 foot ladder, Rob was left with 2 compressed discs and 3 bulging that lead to surgery after avoiding hospital for 2 weeks. The medication he was prescribed was not only highly addictive, but also ravaged his gut manifesting in diverticulosis.

Rob turned to a plant-based diet to fix his gastrointestinal condition. But going Vegan didn’t fix his pain. That’s when he learned the compounding benefits of CBD!

Rob now has a vision to help as many people as possible through the education of juicing, plant-based nutrition, and the integration of CBD into a holistic lifestyle!

Our journeys are powerful, as they lead us to where we are and greatly influence the impact we have on the world. Rob’s journey has lead him to build one or the most innovative holistic operations we’ve ever seen!

We know you’ll enjoy listening to this episode as much as we did recording it!! Rob’s passion for his mission is infectious!! Enjoy!!

– Jeff (@iamjeffthornton) and Mycal (@coachderz)

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