May 23, 2019  /  Feed Me Fuel Me

As a collegiate tennis player, Eric Fellows (@azfellows) was put through an exercise with the sports psychologist in which he was asked to visualize and describe what winning looked like. He envisioned himself raising the trophy above his head in celebration of victory. Then he was asked, “Do you believe it?” At which point, he had to look deep inside and be honest with himself.

As Eric will go on to describe in this episode, as amazing as it is to WANT success in health, wealth, relationships, and time, it means nothing if you don’t believe that you deserve it. It becomes even harder to believe you deserve the abundance the universe has to offer if you haven’t put forth the work and effort required.

When asked, “Why real estate?”, Eric’s answer is every simple: Money. However, not in the narcissistic overlord tone we are so conditioned to receive that answer with. When Eric visualizes winning the game of life, the image that shows up requires, as he will describe in today’s conversation, requires a check to be written for a certain amount. Money is the facilitator, not the goal for Eric.

When you look at his success it is easy to see why, as Eric believes he deserves it based upon the life he’s created with his beautiful wife and Feed Me Fuel Me (@feedmefuelme) alum, Tammy (@tfellows77), and the relationships he’s built as a result of helping people get what they want out of real estate.

Listen up as we dive in on his life philosophy: “We are all playing the game of life. And in this game the goal is to build the best team around us as possible, and see how far we can get.”

– Jeff (@iamjeffthornton) and Mycal (@coachderz)

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