June 13, 2019  /  Feed Me Fuel Me

We live in a world more connected than ever. The world couldn’t be smaller. The ability to reach out and connect with ANYONE is more than possible now. Yet, we find ourselves confined to the space between our ears more than ever, and when that narrative goes unchecked we can find ourselves in a dark place seeking validation from external sources when that validation actually begins inside you.

This week we get into the self-worth discussion with Amanda Goolsby (@amandagoolsbycoaching), international speaker and business consultant.

She has accomplished a lot in a relatively short period of time. She was one of the first employees of Orange Theory (@orangetheory) in the Arizona market when some of leadership issued her a challenge: the challenge of personal growth and leadership.

As her life would unfold, her productivity would ramp up exponentially to the point where she was traveling the world to open new franchises in new markets. Her role was to oversee the hiring, training, and launching of these new entities. All the while she became a student of authors such as John C Maxwell (@johncmaxwell), confronting the identity issues that came with each phase of her evolution.

Listen this week as we get to Amanda’s process to improve her self-worth and the work required within before you are able to deliver impact at her level and beyond.

– Jeff (@iamjeffthornton) and Mycal (@coachderz)

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